Jack & Co. Elderberry Syrup

Small batch, handcrafted elderberry syrup made with local + organic ingredients. Family owned + operated small business in Rockford, IL.

Store Locations

• Barrel & Brie - 7836 US Hwy 20, Lena, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Bushel Basket Candle Co. - 2900 E Lincolnway, Sterling, IL (inside the Northland mall) (8 + 16 oz)

• The Corner Mercantile - 103 N Main St, Lake Mills, WI (8 + 16 oz)

• Food 4 Fuel - 4150 N Perryville Rd, Loves Park, IL (8 + 16 oz)

• Food Is Fuel - 204 W Brodhead St, Orfordville, WI (8 + 16 oz)

• Health First Wellness Center - 7264 Argus Dr., Rockford, IL (8 + 16 oz)

• Koeller Hardware - 104 E Main St., Forreston, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Lena Co-op/Pearl City Elevator - 416 E Lena St, Lena, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Main St. Meat Co. - 9515 N 2nd St, Roscoe, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Meier & Co - 26 W. Stephenson St., Freeport, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Merlin's - 300 Mix St., Oregon, IL (8 + 16 oz)

• Pearl City Elevator - 119 S Main St, Pearl City, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Shullsburg Chiropractic - 250 W. Water St., Shullsburg, WI (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Teresa Hammer Photography Studio - 2 E. Market St., Shannon, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz) (Please message for further details for pickup at this location)

• Van Laar Farm Market - 1645 N Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL (8, 16 + 32 oz)

• Vintage Bliss - 3100 S. Riverside Blvd., Beloit, WI (8, 16 + 32 oz)

Shipping: At this time, orders will ship out on Mondays only. Have your orders in by 2p the Saturday before to be included in that delivery. Most Northern IL towns are delivered same day.

What Makes Us Different?

• The only state and county licensed and inspected and FDA registered elderberry syrup in our area! 

• All organic ingredients, fair trade, all the time. Elderberries, cloves, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, honey, lemon juice and water - pure and simple.

• Raw, local honey sourced from hives on organic farms and forest preserves

• Highly concentrated elderberry goodness. We simmer low and slow and extract every ounce of goodness into each bottle.

• Absolutely no plastic -- not when cooking, straining or bottling. Plastics, especially when mixed with heat, leach chemicals and endocrine disrupters into your foods. No, thank you!

• Really cool glass bottles! Not only are they not yucky plastic, but they're heavy duty and easy to pour from. Others use Mason jars and the lids rust, they're messy and impossible to pour from leaving you to stick a spoon in the jar, contaminating the syrup and causing it to spoil faster.

• Extra steps - we soak our elderberries for an hour before simmering, ensuring all of the goodness reaches the syrup.

• No thickeners - hard pass on the sticky, thick syrup that has added junk to thicken.

We are proud to provide your families with the absolute best elderberry syrup!

Our family has been taking Elderberry for the past four months and we have found out the following:

- A family of 7 has never before made it through a winter without several visits to the doctor. NO doctor visits this past winter season.

- Its helped with my sinuses/allergies so much that I don’t wake up with a headache in the morning anymore.

- My four year old had a 103 degree temperature at noon one day and after taking elderberry every two hours she was 100% back to her normal self the next day. Insane!

- I’ve got the rest of my family hooked as well!! So much goodness in these bottles and the largest bottle ($50) costs the same as our copay plus meds for one doctor visit. So I can keep my whole family healthy for a month for $50 or wait for them to get sick and pay $50 per person only to give them a bunch of nasty antibiotics. Pretty simple to me!

Nikki is the best! We love supporting their organic elderberry business.

Mama of 5

About Us

The Schoeny Family

Our little family has been making and taking elderberry syrup for nearly 10 years. After a horrible bout with influenza for my husband and I, I set out to research what we could do to prevent this from happening again and if it did, what would shorten the duration so we would never be that horribly sick again. As Christ followers, we firmly believe that God has provided us with plants and foods to heal our bodies. Now that our son is here, that passion has only grown. We are so thankful our elderberry syrup has blessed so many of you and kept you and your families healthy.